The next meeting will be the AGM
On Monday 12th August 2019
Cheadle Social Club at 8.00pm

Quarter Finals Stan Tyrer Trophy
To be played Tuesday 21st May

Cheadle Hulme Inst "B" +150
Heald Green Social "A" +100

Cheadle Social Club "B" +130
The Albert Club "A" +70

Morley Club "A" +190
Hazel Grove Snooker "A" +50

Reddish Conservatives "A" +150
Great Moor Sports "B" +130

The Thomson Singles Trophy Final

Derek Wilson from Hazel Grove Snooker Club
won a very open singles final by 3 frames to 1
beating a league stalwart Alf Brown from
Heaton Mersey Conservative Club
The final unfolded with Alf managing to take the
first frame, but Derek came back to win the next
to mke it 1 - 1.
A dramatic third frame saw Alf needing the pink
and black to steal it but a unlucky double kiss
on the pink resulted in it being left over the
pocket to leave an easy pot for Derek to go
ahead 2 - 1, now only needing one more frame
to win the match Derek duly obliged.
Well done to both players for reaching the final
and congratulations to Derek on being the winner.

Winner of Div2 Singles Trophy Final

E Galligan of St Johns Catholic Club
who beat P Makinson of Morley Club
3 frames to 1.

Winners of Johnny Walker Pairs Final

N Joshi/A Anwar Scr Cheadle Hulme Institute
who won 2 frames to one against
A Filgate/J Pinkerton +18 Great Moor Sports

After a few dramatic weeks the winners of
the First Division are Denton WMC "A"
who took no chances with other results and
won 14 - 0 away at Benchill Conservatives "A"
congratulations to them and sympathy to
Cheadle Hulme Institute "A" who had been
dominating the division for most of the
seson and who had four losses in their last
seven games including this week when they
played Denton Liberal Club "A" and lost
10 - 4 completely derailing their
control of the division.

Cheadle Conservatives "A" who must be
thinking what if about their season
especially two particular results,
they did however cement third place
with a 10 -4 win at home to survival
team Heald Green Social "A".

The bottom four seemed to have been settled
quite a while ago, the most surprising of
these are The Albert Club "A" who seemed to
have collapsed in the latter stages.

A personal consolation is that Jimmy O'Shea
110 break wins the First Division high break
Runner up
G Wilson Cheadle Hulme Cons "A" 90
Third place
Jamie McCardle Cheadle Conservatives "B" 79

In the Second Division a remarkable run
of results by Wilmslow Conservatives "A"
team won them the division,they won all
of their last seven games while long time
leaders Poynton WMC "A" whose two losses
over the same number of games were costly.

The final weeks results unfolded as follows
Wilmslow Conservatives "A" at home got the
job done with a 12 - 2 win against third
from bottom Cheadle Hulme Cons "B" which
unknown to Poynton WMC "A" meant they could
have still won the league with a 14 - 0 home
win, in the event neighbours Poynton RBL "B"
went their and came away with a 10 -4 win.
St Johns Catholic Club "A" who were already
safe in third place needed results to go
their way to have a chnce of the league but
they came unstuck at Morley Club "A" losing
10 - 4 where Paul Makinson played his nemesis
Eddie Galligan but came out on top this time.

The top four players in the averages who have
played the minimum 75% of games are:-

Paul Hart Alderley Union Sports "A" +47.21
Paul Makinson Morley Club "A" +39.15
Steven Buck Poynton WMC "A" +38.15
Dave Fowler Poynton RBL "B" +26.59

The Second Division high break winner is
Geoff Burns Heald Green Social "B" 56
Runner up
Paul Makinson Morley Club "A" 47
Third place
Arthur Faux Alderley Union Sports "A" 38

J O'Shea The Albert Club "A" 110
G Wilson Che Hulme Cons "A" 90
J McCardle Cheadle Cons "B" 79
A Turner Cheadle Hulme In "A" 72
T Pierucci Denton WMC "A" 66
G Tate Cheadle Soc Club "B" 65
N Joshi Cheadle Hulme In "A" 64
D Wilson Hazel Grove Snk "A" 63
A Garside Denton Lib Club "A" 61
A Worthington Cheadle Con "A" 61
E Hobson Cheadle Cons "A" 58
L Norcross Cheadle Cons"A" 57
R Marlor Denton Lib Club "A" 56
M Gorman Denton Lib Club "A" 56
D Whittaker Cheadle Soc Club "A" 53
K Scott Cheadle Cons "B" 51
A Anwar Cheadle Hulme In "A" 50
N Joshi Cheadle Hulme In "A" 50
L Wilson Denton WMC "A" 48
P Lahan Hazel Grove Snk "A" 48
G Burns Heald Green Social "B" 56
P Makinson Morley Club "A" 47
A Faux Alderley Un Sports "A" 38
J Wright Hyde Snooker "A" 36
S Orton Cheadle Hulme Inst "B" 35
P Hart Alderley Un Sports "A" 35
A Filgate Great Moor Sports "B" 33
H Khalid Cheadle Hulme Inst "B" 33
G Cole Poynton WMC "A" 33
S Buck Poynton WMC "A" 32
E Thomson Poynton RBL "B" 32
P Elkin Morley Club "B" 32
J Wraxhall St Johns Catholic "A" 32
T Matthews Poynton RBL "B" 31
A Walker Cheadle Hulme Inst "B" 31
J Tracey Great Moor Sports "A" 30
E Ridgeway Poynton WMC "A" 30
G Kitson Wilmslow Cons "A" 30
S Fellows Great Moor Sports "A" 29
D Runghoo Heald Green Soc "B" 29

           Wilmslow & District Snooker League Club Officials Contact Numbers


Club & Telephone Number Representative "A" Team Captain "B" Team Captain "C" Team Captain
Alderley Sports Club
01625 585506
P Roff
07828 255413
P Roff
07828 255413
Bench Hill Conservatives
0161 436 2036
G Chappell
07789 003969
G Chappell
07789 003969
Cheadle Conservatives
0161 428 3116
Glen Jones
07958 395706
E Hobson
07774 313127
Glen Jones
07958 395706
Cheadle Hulme Cons
0161 485 1087
L Rowland
07758 878950
P Evans
07887 927051
L Rowland
07758 878950
Cheadle Hulme Institute
No Phone
G Clough
0161 485 6302
R Ahsan
07411 473578
P Jones
07748 015295
Cheadle Social Club
0161 428 3151
A Covell
07940 959431
A Covell
079401 959431
J Hamer
07401 032320
Denton Liberal Club
0161 336 2307
A Nickson
0161 338 3210
M Gorman
07867 974098
A Nickson
0161 338 3210
Denton Working Mens Club
0161 336 2227
P Mansfield
07866 985793
P Mansfield
07866 985793
Great Moor Sports & Social
0161 483 2140
R Bethell
0161 285 7887
R Bethell
0161 285 7887
A Filgate
07853 181958
Hazel Grove Snooker Club
0161 456 0889
D Wilson
07786 655311
D Wilson
07786 655311
Heald Green Social Club
0161 437 2298
N Belfield
07860 830905
D Thompson
07717 524494
K Trow
07849 395518
Heaton Mersey Cons
0161 432 1742
I Davenport
07875 964133
F Joyce
07866 675617
Hyde Snooker Club
0161 368 3777
D Doyle
07794 003735
D Doyle
07794 003735
Morley Green Social Club
01625 525224
G Antrobus
07947 743185
G Antrobus
07947 743185
R Buxton
01565 633181
Northenden Social Club
No Phone
T Greenwood
07580 012793
T Greenwood
07580 012793
Poynton RBL
01625 873120
E Thomson
01625 267418
M Kilgallon
07810 757106
A Woodhouse
01625 - 876739
Poynton Workmens Club
01625 872767
S Buck
0161 439 5388
S Buck
0161 439 5388
P Oakes
0161 483 7811
Reddish Conservative Club
0161 432 1530
C Bailey
07763 836543
S Mistry
07724 365816
St John's Catholic Club
0161 998 5807
T Doyle
07977 123897
T Doyle
07977 123897
The Albert Club
0161 445 1056
J Dwyer
07766 821823
D Muirhead
07772 414636
Wilmslow Conservatives
01625 523293
R Bayley
01625 524097
G Kitson
07773 977161
Wilmslow RBL
01625 523715
P McGilvaray
07854 514023
P McGilvaray
07854 514023




Fixtures can only be cancelled for the following reasons:- Closure of Club, Fire or Water damage to Club tables or for a Clubs AGM.

Work, Football, Illness or any Social Event are not bona fide reasons to cancel, even though it will mean playing short.

The penalties for cancelling a game will be 10 points awarded to opponents and 10 points deducted from the team who cancelled who will also receive a £5.00 fine.

The Match Secretary or League Secretary must be contacted when wanting to cancel a match, they will decide if reason is valid.

If in their opinion a valid reason has been given then it will be reported back to the Committee and Delegates at the next meeting.

Their decision will decide appropriate action and will be final ie Game rescheduled or rule to be enforced.

Teams who have a particular game that needs rearranging, can try to play before the season starts or use the week before the Christmas break, providing opponents agree to do so.


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